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"Life is like a
blank canvas
it's up to you
how you want to paint it."

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Elvira Lamontagne at the beach

Artist Elvira LaMontagne

Ooh La La

Need a fun and unique entertainment for your special event? 
Our Inspire Paint Parties help aligning our vibrational thoughts to change our prosperity DNA.


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"What an amazing experience! Elvira had us meditate, set an intention and then we were able to let our inspiration fly! We had wine and great food! It was an experience like no other! I will definitely recommend Elvira LaMontagne to inspire any party you want to do with your friends!"
- Claudia Mosley, Merchant Processing Solutions

We are not your typical paint party.
Unlike other paint parties, every guest creates a different inspiring painting.

Paint Party Group Photo

Every time you join us for one of our unique painting parties be prepared for a new and exciting experience.

Inspiration, Painting, Drinks, Laughs and Creativity...the Perfect Combination!

Enjoy A Time Of Laughs & Relaxation
with Family & Friends. Spark Creativity 
To Create a Unique Masterpiece. 
In Addition,
We Help Local Businesses To Increase
Traffic, Sales, and Community Brand Awareness.
Book Your Private or Business Party.
We Come To You!

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About the Owner

Woman Holding a Horse

Elvira LaMontagne has been a painter since she was three years old. Her endless curiosity, passion, and the anticipation of the process kept her going through all her life. Her mother, a Psychologist and motivator has played an important role in her life.

Elvira LaMontagne describes life as a learning process where her only constant has been the passion for creating beautiful artwork. A fan of good reading and true friendship with equal enthusiasm. Over the past decade through full time roles and consulting work, Elvira has created artwork for companies and inspiring others through her inspirational paint parties in Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach and the Gulf Coast. 


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Monday - Sunday:
8 a.m. - 10 p.m.
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